Villa Villekulla ~ Materials Suppliers

(See Here for Villa Villekulla - The House)


Lumber and Misc Hdwe

National Lumber
15 Needham St (Exit 19A off Rte 128)
Newton MA
Accounting Crystal 800-370-9663 X777



Tool Hauz - M~F 7.00 ~ 5.30 Sat 7.00 ~ 2.00
57 Crawford Street
Needham MA



Norco Windows or Sterritt Lumber (As of July 2004, here) M~F 7~5, S something too.
MacLeod and Moynihan Window & Door (Speak to Leslie Burrell "Lez" (email) for sales or repairs or Jimmy x45 for delivery)
110 Arlington Street
Watertown MA 02472
Sterritt Phone 617-923-1480
MacLeod and Moynihan (Leslie Burrell "Lez") 617-926-5900

Fax 617-923-4031



Resource Conservation Technology - attn Jamie (male) or Lynn (female) or David or Lee
2633 North Calvert st, Baltimore MD 21218
Tel 410-366-1146 - Fax 410-366-1202

WS03 (5mm tube, bronze) - 100 ft - and a tube of Silicon caulk 11 oz.
WS32 (5mm cornerseal tube for 1/8" groove, bronze) - 400 ft
WS34 (8mm cornerseal tube for 1/8" groove, bronze) - 200 ft
WS36 (11mm cornerseal tube for 1/8" groove, bronze) - 100 ft
WS96 (Nylon roller) - 1
WS85-WS86-WS87 (9-12-18mm urethane leafseals for 5/64" groove, black) - 12 x 4 ft each


Quarry Tile for Floor

Manufacturer Metropolitan Tile (Mayflower 310 in 6x6 size)

Vendor Home Depot at 615 Arsenal Street, Watertown, MA 02471, 617-926-0299


Upstairs Bathroom White Glass Tile

Manufacturer Del Rey Glass - Vixelite 1x1's Color Chroma V1580 #20.20 White, Design Standard
570 Linne Road Unit 120 · Paso Robles, California 93446
Tel (805) 226-9656 · Fax (805) 226-9742

Vendor Ann Sacks - Attn Kim Elliott
One Design Center Place - Suite 317
Boston MA 02210
Phone 617-737-2300
Fax 617-737-0100


Countertop Tile (Glaze "French Blue" in 4x4, 2x2, 1x1 sizes)

Manufacturer Brenda Bertin
476 Des Patriotes North
Mont St. Hilaire, QC
J3H 3H9 Canada
Phone 450-536-0056
Fax 450-536-7728

Vendor Discover Tile - Attn Jennifer Turgeon - M~F 9~5
One Design Center Place - Suite 647
Boston MA 02210
Phone 617-330-7900
Fax 617-330-7901


Sink, Pantry

Kohler K-6573-3 Black Vendor Splash (see below)


Sink, Kitchen

Kohler K-6546-3 Black; Cut Sheets Spec Sheet, Installation Guide, Rough-In Guide

Vendor Splash (Sean - who I am told is a cutie pie - X115, not in on Tuesdays)
Hours MW 10~6, TR 10~8,  F 10.30~4.30, S 12.00?~4.00
244 Needham Street
Newton, MA 02464
Phone (617) 332-6662
Fax (617) 332-6616


Pantry Unit (Wire-Frame) Pretty Picture ~ Installation Guide

Mfr Häfele (pronounced Ha-fa-la.  Or maybe I should put it this way. Hey-fa-la)
3901 Cheyenne Drive
P.O. Box 4000
Archdale, N.C. 27263-4000

Our Sales Rep Charles Spear, Hardware Consultant
Tel 508-823-8627
Fax 508-823-8628

Manager for Our Area Donn Wilber

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Light Bulbs

Vendor Service Lighting Express

  • Halogen Angles of illumination for MR-16's EXN = 40° - EXZ = 24° - EXT = 13°
  • Outdoor Lights EXN-FG, 50 Watt MR-16 Flood Cover Glass, 40 degree Flood, 12VAC
  • Indoor Ceiling lights xxx
  • Sconces in Mistress Bedroom and Master Closet Bulbrite XP - JD type - clear - 250W 120V Q250CL/MC
  • Halogen PAR lights in kitchen hood 50W 120V, Medium Screw Base, 25° PAR-20 Narrow Flood Halogen Lamp (diameter 2 1/2", length 3 3/8"), 50PAR20/HAL/NFL25 (120V) from

Over-Cabinet Pantry Lights

Häfele (See above); Cut Sheets Lights, Transformer


Puck Lights

Häfele (See above) #823.94.310 in black, 10W, clear lens (See here); Cut Sheet - Renumbered as #823.29.350 (Cut Sheet) which have the same outer shape but (as I discovered the hard way when one broke) different construction


Mats for under sinks

Häfele (See above) #547.91.703, p1037


Waste bin for pantry

Häfele (See above) #502.29.751, p1022


Pantry Internal Drawer Basket 395mm

Häfele (See above) #540.25.204, p1006


Island Under Sink Internal Drawer Basket 445mm

Häfele (See above) #540.25.205, p1006


Island Under Sink 3-sided steel basket

Häfele (See above) #540.36.207, p1056


Recycle Cabinet Hardware

Häfele (See above) Flap-Stay #365.52.708 (Cut Sheet) ; Latch #245.54.701 ; Hinge #342.66.709 (Cut Sheet)


Stairway Light

Lightolier 3652 White

Vendor Wolfers Lighting - Attn Ernie X4285 8~5 781-672-4200 or Josephine
1339 Main St
Waltham MA 02451
781.890.5995 - fax 781.672.4294


Convection Oven

Gaggenau EB-291-600 1-800-828-9165; Cut sheets Planning Data and Operating Instructions; Vendor Yale Electric

The Gaggenau Hype A dash of class in the built-in arena The EB 290 ovens -- The EB 200 series ovens are the newest highlight in the Gaggenau portfolio and the latest demonstration of our commitment to innovation in the kitchen. No other appliance series in this class combines so many useful features with such consistent design. High-grade materials like aluminum, porcelain and glass give our appliances an unmistakable profile, while the pure and uncomplicated Gaggenau design - evident in features like the robust new control knobs and large glass front - makes them stylistically neutral and able to fit well into any kitchen cabinetry. The EB 200 makes an equally convincing case on the inside too it has the largest usable baking area of any comparable appliance and is available in different sizes and colors.

Accessories (See Universal Appliance Website)

GR 090-054 Wire Rack
PS 027-001 Baking Stone with Pizza Peel (a Peel is a big wooden spatula)
HZ 027-001 Heating Element for baking stones


Steam Oven

Gaggenau ED-221-600 1-800-828-9165; Cut sheets Planning Data and Operating Instructions and Filler Panel ER-220-000; Vendor Yale Electric

The Gaggenau Hype Good things are made under steam, not under pressure The ED 220 combined steam and convection oven -- The new Gaggenau ED 220 combination steam and convection oven is one of the most versatile kitchen appliances ever seen and brings professional kitchen technology into the home. Form follows function the sleek design of the steam oven is award-winning among several Gaggenau products, the ED 220 has been honored in the oldest and most prestigious design competition in the world - the 2002 Good Design Award at the Chicago Athenaeum Museum for Architecture and Design. The CombiSteam system combines the advantages of a steamer and a convection oven in a single unit, as the high temperature ensures a good crust while the added humidity keeps food moist. A revelation from the professional connoisseur, the CombiSteam method opens up another dimension in home cooking. A temperature range of 85 - 450 ºF and five graduated humidity settings (100%, 80%, 60%,.30% or convection only) allow you to select precisely the cooking conditions you need. The difference is plain to see, but the real reward comes when you take the first bite. Meat and fish retain all their flavorsome juices, poultry skin browns and crisps without drying, and vegetables can be prepared soft or crunchy as desired without losing their color or valuable vitamins. You can enjoy all the benefits of CombiSteam cooking without even changing your cooking habits; life in the kitchen will be faster and easier. The ED 220 gives you increased flexibility too with such advanced culinary technology at your disposal, you can cook when it suits you and reheat and serve as required with no loss of flavor or moisture. Good taste was never so easily demonstrated.

Accessories (See Universal Appliance Website)

KB 220-000 Stainless steel oven tray, 11⁄2" deep.
KB 220-324 Stainless steel perforated pan.
GR 220-046 Additional wire rack.
KB 220-114 Stainless steel unperforated cooking insert,11⁄2" deep, 1⁄2" tray size.
KB 220-124 Stainless steel perforated cooking insert, 11⁄2" deep, 1⁄2" pan size.



Subzero 650 (Image here); Separate Cut Sheets for (1) Electrical/Plumbing Requirements, (2) Framed Cabinet Specs, (3) Use and Care Guide, (4) Installation Guide, (5) Pre-installation Specs;

Fridge Vendor Yale Electric (See below)

Fridge Panel Vendor Frigo Design - Attn Dana Ferrel - Color "Black Steel"

5860 McKinley Road

Brewerton, NY 13029




Subzero 700BF (Image here); Separate Cut Sheets for (1) Electrical/Plumbing Requirements, (2) Framed Cabinet Specs, (3) Use and Care Guide, (4) Installation Guide, (5) Pre-installation Specs; (6) Door Panels CAD dwg, dxf

Fridge Vendor Yale Electric (See below)

Fridge Panel Vendor Frigo Design - Attn Dana Ferrel (See above) - Color "Black Steel"



Thermador SGSX365ZB; Cut sheets Planning Data and Installation and Care Manual; Vendor Yale Electric


Warming Drawer

Thermador WD27UB; Cut sheets Planning Data and Installation and Care Manual; Vendor Yale Electric


Dishwashers (2005)

Miele G851SC; Vendor Yale Electric; Cut Sheet Installation


Dishwashers (2015-2018)

Miele G4993SCVI (Pantry 2018) and Miele G4925SCU-BL (Kitchen 2015) ; Vendor Yale Electric


Disposall, Island

Insinkerator 777SS, Continuous loading 1 HP (Cut Sheet) (Comparison Sheet); Vendor Yale Electric


Disposall, Pantry

Insinkerator (existing PRO-77), Continuous loading 1 HP; Vendor Yale Electric


Disposall Switches

Franke Air Switch WD-3428SN and Controller WD-9088 (Cut Sheet), Vendor Yale Electric



Franke ATM-480 in Satin Nickel; Vendor Yale Electric



Vent-a-hood #EPTH-18-342
Cut sheets Specs - Installation Instructions - Accessories - General Catalog
Details Copper Outside, 900 cfm, Emerald lip, halogen lights, chrome 3-sides pot rack, Black Inside, 24” deep
Installation Duct size 10" round or 80 Sq In.

Distributor Yale Electric (No Longer Kent Lawson)
Main Number Voice 617-825-9253 (service #3)
Appliance Sales Manager Robert Joyce, 617-822-6131
Fax 617-825-6541

Hood Representative Eastern Marketing - Attn Marty Gillow
Phone 800-966-8300 - Email

Manufacturer Vent-a-hood
Phone 800-331-2492
Hours 9.30~6.00 my time



Roof Jacks

(Broan calls it a Roof Cap) Broan NuTone #S-437 (10") and #636 (4"), Cut Sheets on both Specs - Installation Instructions Vendor 1 (Using) Delta-T 7.30~5.30 M~F (also Air Purchases Of NH Inc)
77 Felton St, Waltham, MA 02453
Phone 781-893-0800
Fax (781) 893-6740 

Vendor 2 (Not Using) Tom Barrow Co.

Vendor 3 (Using)


Door bells

Brickman's  M~S 9.30~ 5, W 9.30~8
419 Moody Street
Waltham, MA 02454
Phone 781-899-8300
Fax 781-647-3660


Kitchen Radiators

Runtal Wall Panel Radiator VX-35, 36" wide x 14" High  - Color #9001 Cream White - (Cut Sheet) - 2,000 BTU

And a longer one, VX63, 9'4" wide x 26" high, 9 tubes - 12,000 BTU

SkyRoom Bathroom Radiator

Runtal Towel Warmer TW-15, 20" wide x 43" High in White (Cut Sheet) - 3,000 BTU

Master Bathroom Radiator

Runtal Towel Warmer TW-15, 30" wide x 43" High in White (Cut Sheet) - 4,500 BTU

Master Bedroom Radiator

Runtal Wall Panel Radiator VLX-35/35, 9' wide x 14" High  - Color #9001 Cream White - (Cut Sheet) - 11,000 BTU - 5 tubes, 17.5" floor-to-top

Guest Bedroom Radiator

Runtal Wall Panel Radiator VLX-14/14, 9' wide x 6 " High  - Color #9001 Cream White - (Cut Sheet) - 5,500 BTU - 2 tubes


Tile Misc Supplies

Roma Tile - Attn Anthony - Beware!  Very anal about returns, even unopened bags of stock material.  I felt shafted after all I had bought from him.
- Showroom
MTF 9-5 WR 9-8 S 9-4, Warehouse M~F 7.30~4 (I think), S 9~1
- German Waffle Underlayment Schlüter - DITRA
400 Arsenal Street
Watertown, MA 02472-2842
Phone 617-926-5800, Anthony
Andriolo x105
Fax 617-926-0632
Email Roma Tile


Replacement Bricks for Wall (We used these two intermixed)

Spaulding Brick Co Inc, (617) 666-3200, 120 Middlesex Ave, Somerville, MA 02145
120 Middlesex Ave
Somerville, MA 02145

Deering Lumber and Mason Supply
118-158 Essex St.
Melrose MA 02176
Tel 781-665-3000
Fax 781-662-7922


Brick Mortar

M. J. Pirolli & Sons, Inc. - Hours M-F 6.30~4, Sat 6-11
56 Irving Street
Watertown MA 02472
617-924-0022 or 800-287-0022


Melamine for cabinets

Panolam S402 "Cabinet Almond" - 3/4" thick, on particle board

Manufacturer  Panolam Industries  
20 Progress Drive
Shelton, Connecticut 06484

Distributor Robert Bury Panels, Hours M~F 7.30~4.30
1 Mill Pond Road
Walpole, MA 02081
Tel 508-660-2879
Fax 508-660-3028


Paint Colors (Mostly Benjamin Moore)


General Primer - XIM "Platinum" Urethane-Modified-Acrylic


Red - Benjamin Moore, "Apache Red" 1295 - Flat latex
Red - Doorways, Portico, Railing - Benjamin Moore, "Apache Red" 1295 Metal and Wood, Low Lustre Enamel latex
Gray - Benjamin Moore, "Coventry Gray" HC-169 Low Lustre MoorGard Acrylic
Gray - Doorways, Portico, Railing - Benjamin Moore, "Coventry Gray" HC-169 Metal and Wood, Low Lustre Enamel latex
Light Gray Ceilings - Benjamin Moore, "Genesis White" 2134-70 Low Lustre Flat
Gray Ceiling Under Porch - Benjamin Moore, Opaque Stain 640-2X, Color: Y3 1x 24.75 / S1 3x 9.00 / R3 0x 3.00
Light Gray Ceilings - Doorways, Portico, Railing - Benjamin Moore, "Genesis White" 2134-70 Metal and Wood, Low Lustre Enamel latex
Deck Floor - Penofin Exterior Penetrating Oil Finish "Transparent Natural Tone" & Cabot Australian Timber Oil, natural


Gray Floor in Studio - Benjamin Moore "Platinum Gray 125% " Low Lustre Acrylic Concrete Stain
Warm Brown Floor at foot of stairs - Benjamin Moore "Terra Cotta" 072-69 Low Lustre Acrylic Concrete Stain
Stairway - Benjamin Moore Eggshell Latex "Straw" 2154-50

Downstairs Bathroom

Walls - Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo White 314-01
Closet floor and Thresholds - Benjamin Moore Floor & Patio, Epoxy Reinforced, Rich Brown 122-60

Entrance Hall (1997)

Walls and Ceiling - Benjamin Moore #2161-50 "Yellow Squash" or perhaps "Bar Harbor Beige" #1032 Matte

Entrance Hall (2018)

Walls - Benjamin Moore Eggshell "River Reflections" #1552

Ceiling - Benjamin Moore Matte "Balboa Mist" #1549

Kitchen (2005)

Walls - Benjamin Moore #2154 -50 "Straw" Matte
Primer - Benjamin Moore #2154 -50 "Straw" First-coat latex

Kitchen (2018)

Walls and Ceiling - Benjamin Moore Flat "Honeywheat" 179

Living Room (1997)

Ceiling - Sherwin Williams Pro-Mar Alkyd Eg-Shel "Candle Glow" 1387
Hall Wall - Pratt & Lambert Accolade Semi-Gloss "Morning Sunshine" 2018-50 "Ben Moore Clr Prev"

Living Room (2018)

Ceiling - Benjamin Moore Flat "Honeywheat" 179
Walls - Benjamin Moore Matte "Gamboge" CW285
Wood Stain - ZAR "Moorish Teak" 123
Wood Poly - Minwax Helmsman Clear Satin Spar Urethane
Fireplace Blue - Benjamin Moore Eggshell "Brittania Blue" 1623
Fireplace Brown - Benjamin Moore Eggshell "Van Buren Brown" HC-70
Fireplace Dark Green - Benjamin Moore Eggshell "Alligator Alley" 441
Fireplace Light Green - Benjamin Moore Eggshell "Sweet Basil" 455
Fireplace Maroon - Benjamin Moore Eggshell "Sweet Rose Brown" 1302

Dining Room 2008

Walls (Possible #1) - Martin Senour Latex Flat "Limeade" 106-7
Walls (Possible #2) - Martin Senour Latex Flat "Celery Heart" 106-1
Ceiling - Martin Senour "New Growth" Eggshell latex enamel 106-6 (Bk 8/32, Grn 8/32, Yel 1+24/8)
Trim - Polyurethane, ZAR "Clear Antique Flat"

Dining Room 2014

Walls - Benjamin Moore Regal Select Latex Matte "Tropical Dusk" 2117-40
Ceiling - Benjamin Moore Regal Select Latex Flat "Warm Sienna" 1203

Dining Room 2020

Window Sills - Zar Stain #123 Dark Chocolate Truffle (previously Moorish Teak), then 2 coats Helmsman spar urethane Satin, diluted 20%


Walls and Ceiling - Benjamin Moore "Amber Waves" 2159-40 Matte

North Office (1997)

Ceiling (Possible #1) - Benjamin Moore Flat 125-90
Ceiling (Possible #2) - Martin Senour Flat Latex "Sweet Nothings" 53-1 (Bk 1/256, Rox 1/64, Yo 1/32)
Walls (Possible #1) - Martin Senour Latex Flat "Bold Blossom" 53-3
Walls (Possible #2) - Martin Senour Latex Flat "Peach Chintz" 96-3
Walls (Possible #3) - Martin Senour Latex Flat "Tundra Flower" 318-4 (RO 4/32, YO 12/32)

North Office (2019)

Walls and Ceiling - Benjamin Moore Flat "Cafe Royale" 1130
Wood Stain - ZAR "Moorish Teak" 123
Walls Wood Poly - Minwax Helmsman Clear Satin Spar Urethane

JB's (South) Office

Ceiling (Possible #1) - Martin Senour Blue (Can't read words)
Walls (Possible #1) - Martin Senour "Denim Blue" 74-3
Walls (Possible #2, Old can, M's writing) - Martin Senour "Blue W Blue" (?) Eggshell enamel (Bk 16/8, Bl 16/8, Vio 16/8)

Master Bedroom

Wall under North windows - Benjamin Moore "Forest Hills Green" 433 (Lighter green)
Wall over North Countertop - Benjamin Moore "Herb Garden" 434 (Dark green) Eggshell
Ceiling - Benjamin Moore "Woodland Snow" 2161-70
Walls - Benjamin Moore "Kahlua and Cream" 2161-60

Mistress Bedroom

South Wall beyond desk - Benjamin Moore "Spiced Pumpkin" 034
Ceiling -
Benjamin Moore "White Cloud" 2159-70
Walls -
Benjamin Moore "Pirates Cove Peach" 903

Outdoor Bedroom (2020-21)

Ceiling and walls (fir) - General Finishes Gel Stain (50% American Oak, 50% New Pine), then 2 coats General Finishes Satin Gel Top Coat
Ceiling trim (white oak) - General Finishes Gel Stain (25% Candlelight, 75% American Oak), rubbed off with paint thinner after 24 hours, then 2 coats General Finishes Satin Gel Top Coat
Windows, baseboards - white oak
Windows, Door (outside and edges with hinges) - Benjamin Moore, "Apache Red" 1295 Metal and Wood, Low Lustre Enamel latex
Windows, Door, baseboards (all other surfaces) - 2 coats Zar #123 Dark Chocolate Truffle (rubbed off), then (minimum) 3 coats Helmsman Spar Urethane Satin diluted 20%

Sky Room (1997) by Iris Lee Marcus

Ceiling - Pratt & Lambert Vitralite Eggshell "Celestial" 1204
Walls - Pratt & Lambert Accolade Interior Velvet Latex Enamel "Daydream" 1203 (Spectacularly sponged by Iris)

Sky Room (2020)

Window Seat - General Finishes Gel Stain "Candlelite", then several coats of Helmsman Spar Urethane Satin diluted 20%

Sky Bathroom

Trim - Benjamin Moore, Semi-Gloss Alkyd Enamel White C207-01
Walls - Zinsser Eggshell, Mold and Mildew Proof, Latex White 0277

Master and Mistress Bathrooms

Benjamin Moore, "Woodlawn Blue", HC-147
Benjamin Moore, White 319-01 Eggshell

Upstairs Hall

Walls - Benjamin Moore "Acorn Yellow" 2161-40 (Tan) (plus "Jacobean" stain on wood)
Ceiling -Benjamin Moore "Kahlua and Cream" 2161-60 - finish is "Wall Matte"
Stain on dark side of sliding door - Bona Kemi Stain "Jacobean"

Wood Floors

Stain - Bona Kemi Stain mixture - 3/4 Jacobean, 1/4 Red Mahogany
Polyurethane -Traffic by Bona Kemi (Manufacturer's site) (Cut Sheet)

Samples from Andrews Paint & Decorating Center
323 Washington St
Newton, MA 02458

Wood Staining Formulae

Fir ceiling and window softwoods Conditioner, then 2 coats of Minwax Cherry (rubbed off) and satin polyurethane

Oak trim 1 coat of 50% Minwax Cherry / 50% Minwax Golden Oak (not English, as I had originally) and satin polyurethane

Upstairs Hall, North side Bona Kemi Stain "Jacobean"

Living Room, South Windows Wood Stain - ZAR "Moorish Teak" 123

Wood Floors Bona Kemi Stain mixture - 3/4 Jacobean, 1/4 Red Mahogany, then Bona Kemi "Traffic" 2-part polyurethane


Floor Mortar

"French Gray", just a shade lighter than straight black


Butcher Block

DeVos Custom Woodworking - Melody Vos - Email
9203 McGregor Lane • Dripping Springs, TX 78620
Phone (512) 894-0464
Fax (512) 894-0209


Window Glass (Kitchen window, insulated)

Banner Glass
Mark measures, Don schedules, Don prices, Mark re-prices, Mark and Richie install, Kristy in the office
Waltham 8.00~5.00


Window Glass (Cellar window, frosted)

Adams Glass & Mirror Co - John Adams
207 Newton St
Waltham MA 02453


Fir for Ceiling

Fir with 3" centers, edge-bead only, conditioner then stain #6 then satin polyurethane

Anderson & McQuaid Co. Inc.
170 Fawcett St.
Cambridge MA 02138


Knives for Custom Moldings

W. Moore Profiles - Attn Steve
1 Commercial Drive - PO Box 752
Florida, NY 10921
tel 800-228-8151
fax 845-651-1097
Spec 3 knives and 3 spacers for a 13' Jet Molder Planer


Replacement Black Monson Slates

(Using) The Vintage Slate Company - Clay (and Michelle) Heald
(also at The New England Slate Company, see below)
265 Furnace St.
Poultney, VT 05764
Great guy, clean and accurate slates, I highly recommend him.

(Not Using) Vermont Recycled Slate - Steve T.
PO Box 71
Fair Haven, VT 05743

(Not Using) The Roof Tile and Slate Company - Jana Kay
1209 Carroll Street
Carrollton TX75006
800-446-0220 or 972 446-0005 or 805-963-1312
fax 972-242-1923

(Not Using) Vermont Specialty Slate - Jim Sauder
855 North St, Brandon, VT 05733
802-247-6615 or 866-us-slate
fax 802-247-4209


Oak for Trim

(95%) Downes and Reader Hardwood Co - Ed Downes, Dave, Ashley, Ken
60 Evans Drive
Stoughton MA 02072

(5%) Boulter Plywood - Chris
24 Broadway
Somerville MA 02145


Stair Banister

J&C Adams - Coffman Stairs #6010
75 New St
Cambridge MA 02138


Vinyl Stair Treads

Robert Brooke Associates - 24" Brown #334 Koroseal treads
Greg Geissbuhler


SkyRoom Bathroom Toilet

Toto "Promenade" CST723" - Cut Sheet
Vendor Ace Plumbing Supply Co Inc - Talk to Bob
1180 Massachusetts Ave, Boston MA 02125


SkyRoom Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder

Toto "SnapLoad Toilet Paper Holder #TS116MD" - Cut Sheet
Vendor Ace Plumbing Supply Co Inc - Talk to Bob
1180 Massachusetts Ave, Dorchester MA 02125


SkyRoom Bathroom Tub

Kohler "Maestro" 840 - Cut Sheets Rough-in, Specs, Installation
Vendor Home Depot in Watertown 617-926-0299. Attn Frank in Kitchen Design


SkyRoom Bathroom Shower Hardware

"Axor arises from the visions of design-world luminaries and forms the essence of luxury and high-end expression."

Home Expo in Burlington 781-505-9700. Attn Kathy in Baths

Hansgrohe Axor Carlton series Temperature Control - Diverter - Tub Spout - Shower Wall bar (Wall Bar Cut Sheet)


SkyRoom Bathroom Sink Faucets

Home Expo in Burlington 781-505-9700 x4422

Gnutti Sebastiano ("GS") & Figli spa, Italy, Victorian Lav Faucet (Low spout, all metal lever handles) #5134-0, Chrome. (Cut Sheet), SKU 221-359


SkyRoom Bathroom Glass Shutters

(Using) Banner Glass
Mark measures, Don schedules, Don prices, Mark re-prices, Mark and Richie install, Kristy in the office
Waltham 8.00~5.00

(Not Using) Federal Glass & Mirror Co - Joe and John Purpura - Pattern #62, 1/4" thick tempered
355 Worcester St
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481-5345
Tel 781-235-0630 or 508-872-3563
Fax 508-879-3586
Hours M~F 7.30~4.30, S 9.00~1.00

(Not Using) Sarno Glass And Mirror Inc. - John Sarno
48 Oval Rd
Quincy, MA 02170
Phone 617-770-1390
Fax 617-770-3820


SkyRoom Bathroom Tile

The Hexagons

Vendor Corda Tile - Interior Tile Design - Attn Connie - MTW9~5.30, RF9~7, S9~4
17 Worcester Street, Natick, MA 01760
Tel 781-235-6377 or 508-653-5643
Fax 508-653-2585

The Rest

Vendor Home Expo in Burlington

Expo Design Center, (781) 505-9700, 43 Middlesex Tpke, Burlington, MA 01803

Hours M-F10~9 S10~8 N11~6

Eric Johnson, tile coordinator x4456 (His hours 8.00~4.00)
Nancy, original salesperson. Or Mike at x2602 or x2603 or Mitch at x2604


Master Bathroom Tub

Kohler Purist K-1190 - Acrylic - Cut Sheets Rough-in, Specs, Installation, Woosy Service Guide
Vendor Homeclick


Bathroom Exhaust Fans

SkyRoom Panasonic FV 08VQ2 (110 sq ft, Panasonic recommends 150 cfm, this unit is 40% undersized at 90 cfm; 0.7 Sones)

GuestRoom Panasonic FV 05VQ2 (40 sq ft, as Panasonic recommends 60 cfm; 0.3 Sones)

MasterBath Panasonic FV 20VQ3 (140 sq ft, as Panasonic recommends 190 cfm; 1.3 Sones, 6" duct)


Bathroom Glass Shelves

Glass Shelves made by Banner Glass - 1/4" thick

Shelf supports (4 per shelf) Hafele # "GLASS SHELF SUP.6-10MM W/PIN NIP" - requires a 5mm hole (.197" or 13/64) at least 9mm deep


Bathroom Exhaust fan (timed) switches

Leviton Decora 6230M


Shower Curtains

Vendor Vita Futura

Mistress Shower Brilliant shower curtain 47.2 x78.7in[120x200cm]-white 2033100238 (8 hooks)
Master Shower Brilliant shower curtain 70.9 x78.7in[180x200cm]-white 2033100305 (12 hooks)


SkyRoom Bathroom Heater

Runtal Towel Warmer TW-15, 20" wide x 43" High in White (Cut Sheet)



Washer Whirlpool Duet HT® Washer (Cut Sheet) (Install Sheet) (Owner's Manual) - GHW-9100LW

Dryer   Whirlpool Duet Gas Dryer (Cut Sheet) (Owner's Manual) - GGW-9200LW

Pedestal (2) Whirlpool LAB2700MQ

Water Shutoff Mechanism Automatic Washing Machine Water Shutoff Valve (Mfr Watts AC2-M1 (Description) (Installation/Debug Sheet) (Image)


Cabinet Hinges, Slides

CabinetParts.Com - Attn Pat
1717 SW 1st Way, Suite 41.
Deerfield Beach,
Florida 33441


Cabinet Drawers

Eagle Woodworking - Chris, Claire
1130 East St
Tewksbury MA 01876
Fax 978-681-6197


Cabinet and Door Pulls

Kitchen and Sky Bathroom

Forms and Surfaces - Model HC225 - Attn Joan Fraley
6395 Cindy Lane, Carpinteria, CA 93013
805-684-8626 or 800-451-0410 (X517 for Joan), Fax 805-684-8620

Master Bathroom

Knobs Cifial 1 1/4" Mushroom Knob - Polished Chrome (633.125.625) - Vendor

Handles Alno AW 928-PC - Polished Chrome 3-3/4" - Vendor Raybern, 26 Weston Ave, Somerville MA 02144 617-666-3000

Mistress Bathroom

Hafele 130.07.700 White Knob CE.WH.8/32 DIA.33X30MM       

Upstairs - Other

Bosetti Marella Pull - 3 3/4" BMH-101045.22 Oil Rubbed Bronze ( BMH-17549 )
Mfr Classic Hardware, Box 73, Bedminster NJ 07921 888-525-3133


Screws for Cabinet and Door Pulls

(Using) The Nutty Company

(Not Using) McMaster-Carr Co.


Doorbell Tracer (Rental)

Amprobe AT2004 (Instruction Manual)
Rent-A-Tool in Revere (M-F 7.30~5.00, S8-12) - Speak to Gary
777 North Shore Road
Revere, MA 02151
800-272-8484 or 781-289-3800


Basement Drop Ceiling Armstrong Dune Second Look #2721 and #2711, Armstrong 7500, Armstrong 7804, Armstrong ML7540

(Using) Kamco Supply Corp of Boston (M~F 6.30~5.00) - Scott Ferris (M~F 8~5)
181 New Boston Street
Woburn, Massachusetts 01801
Phone 781-938-0909
Fax 781-935-1696

(Not Using) Cheviot Corp - Dave Benson
Needham Heights, MA


Gas Fireplace for Conservatory

(Option 1, Using) Morsø DV200 (Cut Sheet)

(The Distributor) Energy Unlimited of NE - Attn John Sullivan
303 Boston Post Road
Wayland MA
Tel 508-358-7358
Fax 508-358-7363

Repairs: John Cardin (cell) 401-226-4407

(Not The Distributor) Perry of Black Magic
Cell 617-212-8987
Tel 617-876-4456

(Option 2, Not Using) Scan Gas

(Option 3, Not Using) Rais Wittus


Bathroom Shower Rod

BRASS WORKS - Attn Susan
12 Linscott Road
Woburn, MA 01801-2044
800-242-2279 (out of state)
781-932-7400 (MA)
781-932-7402 (FAX)

(10° closer to horizontal than 45°)


Basement Wall System

(Using) Joslin Displays - Gridwall System

(Not Using) Item Hardware


Basement Fluorescent Lights

Lithonia 2GT8432A12MVOLTGEB10IS from Grainger (Cut Sheet) (2004)

Lithonia/Cooper Lighting 2GR8-332A-UNV-EB81 (2x4's) and 2GR8-2U6T8A-UNV-EB81-U (2x2) from Ben (2008)

Bulbs: Philips F32T8/TL950 (1880 Lumens CRI 98 5000K) and Ushio UFL-F32T8/850 (3050 Lumens CRI 86 5000K) from


Porch Flooring  Mahogany 1x4 T&G

Sterritt Lumber
617-923-1480 x15 "Dave"



Boston Bark Mulch (M~F 6.00~4.00, S 6.30~12.00)
135 Elm St
Waltham MA 02453


Pocket Door Hardware

Grant Door Hardware - Top Line 1230 - 10 ft track

Raybern Builders Speciaty Hardware
26 Weston Avenue
P.O. Box 440325
Somerville, MA 02144
FAX 617-666-9726

bullet Dots to cover holes in cabinets

Mfr Fast Caps  (Tell Customer Service (Lynette) that Leanne Akers approved - They know me as Dendritics on Burnham Rd - Note Normal delivery is 8 days by UPS ground)

Fast Caps3725 Irongate Rd.
Suite 105
Bellingham, WA 98226 888-443-3748

Paul Akers, owner


Dubious Distributor (Not using) Wilson Art International in North Reading 978-664-5775


Copper Gutter Fabricator and Roofers, as it turned out

(Option 6, Using) Gilbert & Becker Co., Inc. - Attn Alex Alpert or Howard (6.30~3.00 M~F) - Shop guy Dan - Scheduler John Lupo

24 Clapp Street
Dorchester, MA 02125-5066
Tel 617-265-4343
Fax 617-265-0936
Alex Cell 617-212-3190

(Option 1, Not Using) Coppercraft - 7.30~4.30 M~F Central Time (8.30~5.30 our time) - Secy Tina, Engineer Paul Taylor

4995 Keller Haslet Road
Keller Texas 76248
800-486-2723 • 817-490-9622 • Fax 817-490-9661
Pete McNichol, rep for PA & MA, 267-278-3381

(Option 2, Not Using) A.B. Raingutters - Attn Albert (9.00~5.00 Pacific time, 12.00~8.00 our time), Charlene, Isaac ( the Russian guy)

214 Beal Ave
Placentia CA 92870
Office 714-577-8369
Cell 714-719-9854 (Albert)
Fax 714-630-0812

(Option 3, Not Using) OrnaMetals LLC

1812 Grant Street SE
Decatur, Alabama 35601
Fax 256-309-5921

(Option 4, Not Using) Riverside Sheet Metal - Ray Magliozzi (Rec'd by Thad)

397 Riverside Ave
Medford MA 02155

(Option 5, Not Using) Rain Trade / Gutter

19 Skokie Valley Rd
Lake Bluff, IL 60044



Boston Ladder & Scaffolding Co Inc
3 Normac Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

Fence and Pergola

Wood Visions, Inc. - Attn David Rugh
or perhaps 66 Old Derry Road, Hudson, NH 03051
cell 603-548 8569

David and Elaine Rugh, 603-216-1700, 603-432-9907, 84 English Range Rd, Derry, NH 03038

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