Villa Villekulla

Here is a quote from Burt Jaffe, who owned the house from 1970 (or so) thru 1986 about the kitchen ...

I believe that we remodeled it about 1975, so it has lasted for 28 years. We spent a lot of time deciding where we wanted the kitchen. One choice was to use the sun room facing the garden as a kitchen/eating area, and to use the space that is now the kitchen as a playroom for the children. Obviously, we didn't make that choice.   We did take down a stone wall that originally separated the kitchen from an entrance room. By so doing, we enlarged the kitchen.  We loved the tiled table and wall, and we are so glad you loved it also.  Burt

Marian explained the House Naming thusly:

I named our home.

I am Italian American from East Boston I lived in small apartments with a large family while growing up. My step grandfather was Swedish, (Karl Olson) a sailor, a merchant marine...and I grew up putting my hair in two long braids, reading Pippi Longstocking books and wearing Bastaad clogs, which I wear to this day.

My husband bought our large, unattached nine room home with lots of rambling gardens. I named our home, Villa Villekulla , in honor of Pippi's Langstrump's home because Pippi could do anything she wanted. So after living most of my life in apartments, I felt free for the first time to run around chase our many pets, play music loudly and paint the rooms any color I wanted etc. Finally, I didn't have any grownups to tell me what to do. It's great fun.

So, I let the neighbor's children roller skate around our first floor and my nephews were always allowed to ride there scooters in the house. JB has the same spirit and he has built in many secret hide-away keeps through the house. The braids are gone but the spirit of Pippi lives.

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What did we do?  Why did we do it?  Who the Hell are we?  Good questions.  Let me know when you figure it out!